Open Access Cardiology

Clane Cardiology is an Open Access Consultant led full Cardiology service.
(An appointment with referral letter is required).

Dr. David P. Moore, click HERE for some more information about your Consultant.


12 lead ECG
Indications: chest discomfort, arrhythmia, insurance requirements, pilot’s licence applications, pre-employment medicals etc…


Comprehensive consultation with access to same day non-invasive diagnostic testing for all cardiology issues.


  • Indication: investigation of murmur, breathlessness, exertional syncope, pre-syncope (fainting, dizziness).
  • Evaluation of right and left valve function.
  • Investigation of cardiomyopathy.
  • Echocardiography is available to patients age 16 and over.


Exercise Stress Testing

Indications: exertional chest pain. Suspected ischemic heart disease. Where a patient tests positive for cardiac ischemia – (restricted blood flow, due to a blockage or obstruction) automatic same day consultation with Dr. Moore will follow. The patient will be counselled about the implications of their result. Where indicated arrangements can be made for further urgent diagnostic investigations i.e coronary angiography, cardiac CT, MRI etc.

24/48Hr Holter (Heart Rhythm) Monitoring

Indications, arrhythmia (unusual, skipped or forceful heartbeats) , dizziness, syncope
Investigation of suspected rhythm abnormalities

Twenty four hour blood pressure monitoring

Indications: hypertension (high blood pressure) Patients are often referred for twenty four hour blood pressure monitoring to outrule so called “white coat syndrome” ( high surgery BP readings)

Pricing & Insurance:

All outpatient fees are payable on the day of attendance.

  • First Consultation €180
  • ​ECG € 40
  • 24 Hr Holter monitoring €150
  • 48 Hr Holter Monitor € 200
  • 24 Hr Blood pressure Monitoring € 100 

** Echocardiography is fully covered at Clane Cardiology by VHI, Irish Life,  Laya Healthcare, ESB, GMA, POMAS subject to member’s individual policy terms. 


Clane Cardiology subscribes to the Esendex patient texting service.


  • Medical costs can be offset against income tax.  Med 1 claim forms are available on request.
  • The current refund rate is 20%.



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