Bone Density (DXA) Scanning

The Dxa Scanning Service here in Clane General Hospital is well established and has been in operation since June 2006.

The scanner is a GE Lunar Prodigy Advance and is operated by a qualified Radiographer who is trained and is certified by the IOS, IOF and is also an ISCD Densitometry Technologist. The patient’s scan and results are also verified by the attending Consultant Radiologist here before being sent by post to the referring doctor.

Paediatric patients as well as adults can be scanned here. A 10 year average fracture analysis is routinely done on patients over 50 years of age. An estimated dairy dietary calcium intake is also calculated for each patient, both of these are included in the patients report,  where appropriate. The baseline scan in this department consists of LVA, AP spine and both hips,  however if either the spine or hips are unable to be scanned, a scan of the non dominant forearm is taken. Total body composition scans can also be performed. Comparison of scans is done on patients who return for reassessment.

There is no waiting list and the cost of a scan is €100.00 for non-medical card holders and €90.00 for medical card holders which is payable on the day. A receipt will be issued to the patient. Free parking is available in the hospital car park.

Referral letters/request forms can be posted, faxed or emailed to the Radiology Department in Clane General Hospital whereby the patients will be given an appointment date and time for their scan.  See contact details below.

There is also plenty of osteoporosis information avaiable on-line at the Osteoporosis Society site HERE.

To book a DXA Scan appointment, please call 045 989750, fax 045 989751, email, or send a booking request through our website


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