Children in Hospital

j0423035Patients under 16 years of age MUST be accompanied by a parent / guardian at all times throughout their entire stay in hospital.

Prepare Your Child For Admission

  • The Admissions Department will provide you with information leaflets to help explain your child's operation and the anaesthetic/sedation involved. 
  • Remember to check the time your child is required to fast from and ensure they don't have access to food or drink during this time.
  • Bring any medications that your child takes regularly (e.g. for asthma) to ensure their identification and availability if required.
  • Inform the Consultant/Nursing Staff if your child develops a cold, diarrhoea or other illness or is in contact with any infectious diseases or infestations prior to admission.


  • Bring you child into Hospital in light day clothes (tracksuit) or for very early admission you can leave their pyjamas on (not onesies) as the majority of children admitted to Clane Hospital are brought to theatre in their own clothes.
  • Bring a favourite blanket or toy, a soother and/or bottle (if used), a spare set of clothes, nappies/wipes, books/colouring books and games to pass the time.
  • If your child is staying overnight you will need to bring personal items for yourself.  Don't bring valuables.


For children aged 18 years and under, it will be necessary for you to sign an informed consent form in circumstances where they require surgical intervention (if not done in the Outpatients during initial consultation) for certain types of treatment, surgical procedures or the use of blood or blood products.

Where the parents of the child being admitted are not married, the child's mother is deemed the only automatic legal guardian (National Consent Policy Guidelines).

Each intervention proposed will be explained to you by your child's consultant.

Female Children

All female patients of child bearing age/menstruating are required to have a pregnancy test prior to any surgical procedures.  this involves the patient producing a urine sample on admission.


The majority of children admitted to Clane General Hospital are discharged home as soon as deemed fit to do so.   Before discharged check the following:

  • You have been instructed sufficiently on post discharge instructions and what to do if your child experiences any difficulties or if you have any concerns.
  • You have a procedure specific information leaflet.
  • You have a prescription (if applicable) and any personal medications are returned to you (if applicable).
  • Any cannula has been removed and dressings are checked.
  • You have a follow up OPD appointment (if applicable).
  • You have been given a Discharge Letter to give to your G.P.
  • All your child's belongings are packed.

When your child gets home from hospital do not expect them to return to normal immediately.  Some children may feel out of sorts for a while.

Preventing Falls

All patients are assessed on admission to ensure that  if you are at risk of falling special precautions will be taken by staff to reduce such a risk.  Children have the additional risk of falling due to their stage of growth and development, however while in hospital your child may be at an increased risk of falling due to a new environment, medication or an underlying medical or surgical condition.

We aim to create and maintain a safe caring environment for all children.  We encourage you as parents/guardians to assist in maintaining your child's safety by:

  • Ensuring your child is accompanied to the bathroom after surgery or when they have an intravenous drip.
  • Ensuring your chld wears non slip footwear when walking around the ward.
  • Ensuring the cot sides are up fuly and secure, even if you are only leaving your child for a few seconds.
  • Ensuring your child is properly secured in his/her buggy.
  • Not leaving your child unattended at any time.

Food And Beverages

We do not have a cafe facility here in the Hospital. However  parents / guardians of children may avail of meals including breakfast, lunch and tea for a small charge.  Please see the itemised list in your bebroom


Suggested Reading

The following are examples of books which may help you prepare your child for their experience of visiting hospitals.  Please note that the age groups are guidelines only.


Hairy Hat Man Goes to Hospital (5 - 7 years)
by Miora Andrew


Going to Hospital (3 - 8 years)
by Anne Civardi and Stephen Cartwright 



Topsy and Tim Go To Hospital (3 - 7 years)
June and Garth Adamson 




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