Quality & Accreditation

Clane General Hospital is a small private elective admission healthcare centre and we are very proud of the fact that we were the first of the Independent Hospitals to be accredited in Ireland back in 2002.  At that time, we received accreditation from the Joint Commission International.  Since 2007 we have used the services of CHKS to ensure that we meet with international standards.  

The CHKS Accreditation Programme provides a quality assurance tool for the organisation by setting out the framework of standards which needs to be in place to ensure that systems are in place to provide high quality services and to ensure that this is consistently reproducible.  The programme not only focuses on systems and processes but requires us to gather data on activity and results indicators and to use this information to track performance and outcomes. 

Changes and developments in quality assurance and improvement programmes nationally and internationally have also influenced changes to the standards of Clane General Hospital.  These standards address oru main development concerns around patient safety, the patient's experience of care, professional competence, clinical governance, leadership and teamwork.    The philosophy that continues to inform our work and which is reflected in the quality of care and service for our patients is best assured when:

  • There is a strong committment to continuous improvement in patient safety.
  • The patients' and family members' experiences are central to how the hospital operates.
  • Resources are well used in a physical, technical and organisational environment that enables staff to give of their best.
  • Those who provide and deliver services are fully engaged and supported in influencing and achieving desirable change.
  • The promotion of continuous improvement and self development is based on acountability and responsibility.
  • Essential standards of good practice are achieved.

In October 2016 we received our current Accreditation Certification from CHKS.  Our next formal inspection is due in October 2019,  however we are subject to spot checks from CHKS (... HERE) in the interim.


Should you require any further information about our quality standards, or indeed any other information please contact our Quality/Risk Manager, Ms. Julie Egan at +353 45982300 or email her at quality@clanehospital.ie



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